JUSTYNA SMIECHOWSKA, I.O. – Osteopath Intern

Justyna completed the first cycle of her full-time osteopathic studies in May 2015 to receive her accreditation as an internee in osteopathy at the College d’Étude

Ostéopathique de Montreal. She is currently completing a second cycle to obtain her full diploma. Learning the osteopathic practice and working with a varied clientele continues to mold Justyna’s beliefs regarding wellness. She is motivated by the notion that a person can access health and balance through physical, emotional, mental, social, and spiritual practices. She considers that well-being is a process that begins with a conscious decision and continues through patience, perseverance, and awareness.

Justyna strives to remain authentic as an osteopath by learning from her patients and colleagues. Her personal interests include cooking and oriental dance.