Lawrence Braccia, CAT© - Athletic Therapist

My name is Lawrence Braccia, I am an Athletic Therapist and I graduated from Concordia University in June 2022 and I’m really excited to be part of the Continuum Team.
Since my graduation, I have been working in a physiotherapy clinic to treat blue collar workers, white collar workers and athletes too with rehab for their acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries.
I have also worked with multiple sports teams as a first responder and provided rehabilitation for athletes.
My objective as an Athletic Therapist is to help patients pains and conditions through exercise, stretches and various forms of manual therapy.
My focus working with this great team of Osteopaths is to help support and reinforce your osteopathic treatments.  
This can be done with exercise prescriptions to ensure patients don’t develop muscle imbalances which bring forward pains or injuries which they were experiencing.
I am also a student at Collège d’études ostéopathique and I am very pleased to share that I recently completed my first year.