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About Us

Continuum strives to help people who value health. Our philosophy about health applies to people who feel a sense of responsibility to become implicated and participate in their own health care, and who strive to achieve an overall balance through a deeper understanding of why imbalances/dysfunctions occur and how to restore harmony and health.

Through education and motivation the staff at Continuum try to understand why a person is unwell and intervene with manual osteopathic treatment to restore proper biomechanical alignment, mobility and vitality which is then supported with exercise to maintain the highest levels of wellness.


Interconnectedness, Goal Oriented, Proactive, Prosperity, Enlightened Humility, Awakened Wisdom, Responsible, Sympathetic, Practical, Professional, Credible, Positive, Motivational, Inspirational, Humanity, Altruism, Quantum Reality, Prolific, Effective, Organized