All of our Osteopaths at Continuum are graduates of the Montreal College of Osteopathic Studies (CEO) which is regarded as the highest quality of osteopathic education and is aligned with all the latest developments in the field.

We have 3 categories of practitioners:

  1. Senior Osteopaths who have long standing and established clienteles
  2. Associate Osteopaths who are growing their clienteles
  3. Osteopathic Interns who are entering into the field under the supervision of the Seniors

The three Senior Osteopaths we have are all professors of Osteopathy with 90 years of combined experience amongst them.

No matter what level of experience or price point you are looking for we have the Osteopath for you.

Athletic Therapists

Our athletic therapists are fully board certified to work with Olympic/ professional level athletes as well as the regular population. At Continuum our ATs are extra specialized to prescribe exercise programs to achieve/support best posture and improve overall conditioning.

Our Team of Specialists

Faisal Naqvi

Osteopath, Athletic Therapist, President

Paula Gonzalez

I.O. Osteopath

Justyna Smiechowska

I.O. Osteopath

Dimitri Druelle

I.O. Osteopath

Nadiah Zuberi

Vice President

Isabelle Coindre

D.O. Osteopath

Sakinah Ghauri

CAT(c) Athletic Therapist

Jahsina Virgo

Lead Receptionist

Andree Grenier

Weekend Receptionist