Géraldine Sauvignet, Osteopath, D.O.

Driven by a passion to deepen her understanding of the human body and the body-mind relationship, Géraldine began her studies in Osteopathy at the Collège d’études Ostéopathiques of Montreal (CEO) in 2011. She completed a bachelor’s degree accredited by the University of Wales (B.Sc) in December 2017, culminating in a research essay on post-lumbar puncture syndrome.
To ensure the highest quality of care for her patients, Géraldine continually pursues further education, enhancing her versatility and expertise in the field. She has developed a particular interest in treating stress and anxiety and specializes in family osteopathy, with a focus on perinatal care, including obstetrics and pediatrics.
Géraldine is delighted to welcome you to Ostéopathie Continuum, where she is dedicated to supporting your journey toward better health. Together, you can work towards your well-being, collaborating with other health professionals as needed.