Nhiên Lê, Osteopath, D.O.

Always seeking to solve a good puzzle or enigma, she came across the greatest and most complex one: the human body. Her past experiences in clinical research developed and deepened her understanding of human anatomy and physiology. Her curiosity to learn and understand also developed her need to explore the psychosocial, including the complexity of a growing person through their emotions, experiences and surroundings. In 2015, she undertook her osteopathic studies. Through this discipline, she is able to put these pieces together to ultimately see all the interconnections and interactions within the human body.

Although her passion is on chronic stress, Nhiên also has an interest in all the discomforts felt after childbirth and/or breastfeeding. Concerned about people’s well-being, Nhiên applies a personalized manual approach adapted to all ages in order to prevent and relieve various discomforts. She believes that everyone can find a balance between their mental and physical health through proper care either with paramedical approaches and physical activities.