Terms & Conditions

Osteopathy Continuum respects the time and schedules of all our clients and staff. In attempt to better serve everyone, Osteopathy Continuum has the following policy regarding cancellations and appointment changes.

Our clients receive an email at the time of booking which contains all pertinent information about their appointment (location, practitioner, date/time).

They also receive an appointment reminder 3 business days prior to the appointment. If they reply “yes” to the email, the appointment is confirmed and no further confirmation is necessary.

If we have not had a reply to the confirmation email then 2-3 business days prior to the scheduled appointment our clients receive a courtesy call reminding them of the appointment date and time.

If a client cannot attend an appointment with a therapist, Osteopathy Continuum must be advised at least 1 business day in advance.

If Osteopathy Continuum is advised of a cancellation less than 1 business day prior to the appointment, or if the client does not show up for his/her appointment the clinic reserves the right to apply a cancellation fee, which is the cost of the treatment.